Something good to know


  • Still many customers use “sushi” for all dishes ( sushi, rolls and sashimi ) but sushi is with some rice, sashimi is just raw fish.
  • Have you heard to word  “Nigiri” ? which means a bit of sushi rice and raw fish. So most of sushi means ‘Nigiri sushi’.
  • A piece of fish without the rice is a “Sashimi.” There are many others, but those are the most popular here in the west.
  • If you are in a Sushi Restaurant, talk to the chef. A good chef (Itamae = E`-ta-mah-yay) will happily teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the dishes.
  • The little roll that looks like a cone is called a “Temaki” (Te-Mah`-Kee)
  • An inside out Maki is a California Roll.
  • The roll, with the nori (seaweed paper: green algae cover) on the outside is called “Maki” (Mah`-Kee).
  • Although some types of what we in the west call Sushi do use high quality, fresh, raw fish such as Big-Eye Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna or Salmon, Sushi is not in and of itself raw fish. Sushi is a compound word: Su = vinegar, Shi = a specific form of Japanese short grain rice. So the word Sushi actually means vinegared rice. Many items on a sushi line are vegetarian.
  • Pickled Ginger is a palate cleanser, not an ingredient. Don’t put it with your sushi items. Eat it in between the Maki and the Nigirizushi, for instance.
  • Don’t dip everything. You will insult the chef. The dips are for Nigiri and Sashimi.
  • Pop it in your mouth. Sushi is intended to be a one-bite item.
  • Use your hands. In sushi, that’s what they are there for.
  • If you use chopsticks, use chopstick etiquette. If you want to take something from something not on your plate, Always turn your chopsticks around.
  • Sushi has no toppings, per se. Don’t drizzle soy sauce, or spread wasabi onto your sushi. You have wasabi on your board that you can pinch up with your chopsticks, and you have soy sauce in your bowl that you can dip your Nigiri or Sashimi into. You don’t dip the rice as it may fall off. Dip the fish.
  • Praise the chef.
  • Tip generously.
  • Ask questions.
  • Never Ever dip any of your food into the wasabi or soy sauce that is not in your own bowl. You can put some wasabi into your soy sauce or use the reverse of your chopsticks to take some extra wasabi for your food.